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Описание Autoscanner Rokodil ScanX 1045054

Rokodil ScanX is an original OBD2 autoscanner for car diagnostics. It is universal and suitable for working with almost all models of cars, the device is compatible with gasoline cars from 1996 and diesel cars from 2004. The autoscanner will allow you to perform diagnostics of all systems, components and assemblies in a matter of minutes and save you the need to spend from 500 to 3000 rubles on a similar service in a car service every time. ScanX is equipped with the original PIC18f25k80 chip, due to which it contains the maximum set of useful functions and is characterized by a high data transfer rate from the ECU. Using the adapter, you will not only check all the technical indicators and the condition of the electronics. A car scanner can perform the work of a car on-board computer and allows you to view statistics from all sensors of each trip. It will detect any problems with your car, show the error code and a detailed transcript in Russian. The diagnostic autoscanner is able to fix errors in the engine, automatic transmission, air suspension, malfunction of the catalyst, transmission, ABS and many other problems. Also, you will have the opportunity to reset all errors by pressing one button. The top reason to buy an autoscanner is to add the ability to use the device to unlock the functions hidden by the manufacturer. For example, you can turn off seat belt notifications, adjust the displayed fuel consumption level, turn on the brake lights on the side of the open door, change the style of the dashboard, etc. The car diagnostic scanner is easy to use, you do not need special knowledge or skills to use it. You only need to connect the device to the OBD2 connector and synchronize it with a tablet, smartphone, laptop based on iOS, Android or Windows. The adapter connects via Bluetooth 4.2, making it faster and more stable than devices with a Bluetooth 2.0 or Wi-Fi connection. For diagnostics, download one of the applications to your mobile gadget: Car Scanner, Torque, Carista, OpenDiag. The ergonomics of the autoscanner is thought out to the smallest detail, the power is turned on and off with one button, so you can leave the scanner in the OBD2 connector of the car for a long time without fear that the scanner will drain the vehicle battery. ScanX is the best autoscanner in terms of price / quality ratio according to user reviews. With a similar set of functions to the popular launch, delphi, Vasya Diagnostic brand scanners, it has a more favorable price. The adapter is designed for a long service life - the manufacturer''s warranty is given for 5 years, and technical support for users is available on the brand''s website 7 days a week.


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