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pirelli ice zero fr 235/65 r17 108h winter логотип

Pirelli Ice Zero FR 235/65 R17 108H winter Отзыв



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Автомобильная, 🛠️ Запасные части, 🌡️ Охлаждение двигателя и климат-контроль, 🛠️ Запасные части

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Описание Pirelli Ice Zero FR 235/65 R17 108H winter

Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Friction The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Friction winter tire has been announced by the Italian manufacturer just recently. It is positioned by him as a universal model suitable for installation on any modern passenger cars and providing a very high level of safety in severe winters in the countries of Northern Europe and Russia. Being a novelty, this tire contains in its design many years of successful experience of the Italian company in this field. Tread with increased number of blocks Unlike most previous non-studded models, this tire has a tread design with a symmetrical design. Another feature is the increased number of individual blocks, the smallest of which are located in the central part. Thanks to this, the tire shows excellent traction on snow. Several thousand three-dimensional lamellasIn the development of the Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Friction tire, technical solutions were widely used that had previously proven themselves well on previous models of the Italian company. One of them is 3D sipes, several thousand of which literally dotted its tread. It was possible to increase their number without damage due to the three-dimensional structure of their walls, due to which, upon contact with the road, the transverse and longitudinal mobility of the block is limited. This effect was further enhanced by the ability of the lamellas cut into them to interlock with each other. As a result, these miniature elements, due to the numerous faces formed by them, improve grip on ice, completely leveling the absence of spikes, and in addition, improve handling and stability of grip properties. Improved drainage of water and snow from the contact patch The use of a tread with an increased number of individual blocks allowed the Italian tire manufacturers to equip it with a more than developed drainage system. In addition to the large number of grooves included in its composition, it differs in their location. A significant part of them has a significant slope, and in addition, the width increases towards the edges of the tread. The combination of such features in the design of the drainage system greatly increases its performance, and also gives it the ability to cope with the removal of not only water from the contact patch, but also much heavier masses of melted snow. The end result of this technical solution is very reliable and stable grip on wet and slushy roads. Optimized tread profile shape A significant part of the beneficial differences of this model is provided by design features that are invisible to the eye. One of them is the optimized shape of the tread profile. It not only maximizes the size of the contact patch, giving it an almost square configuration at the same time, but also maintains its geometric parameters when maneuvering and cornering. The biggest advantage of this solution is


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