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Автомобильная, 🔧 Автомобильные инструменты и оборудование, 🔨 Ручные инструменты, 🔧 Автомобильные инструменты и оборудование

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Описание TZ100

The DEKO TZ100 tool set (100 pcs.) is of high quality and made of high quality steel with highly polished chrome and anti-corrosion protection. The kit also contains the tools needed for most small repairs and major projects around the house, as well as home replacement parts that may come in handy. All parts of this set fit securely into a durable case for easy portability and convenient use. Comfort - The non-slip rubber handle ensures maximum comfort during use. CR-V material is high quality steel, heat treated steel with chrome plating, more durable, corrosion resistant and all tools meet or exceed ANSI standards. Design - Provides perfect balance and control of the tool fits into tight areas. Complete Variety - Contains the tools needed for most small repairs and basic DIY projects around the home, spare home. Durability - The set comes in a durable, pressure-resistant molded case, keeping your tools safe in your home or garage. Set composition: - adjustable wrench 6" - construction knife 6" - hex key 1.5mm; 2.0mm; 2.5mm; 3.0mm; 4.0mm; 5.0mm; 5.5mm; 6.0mm - PH00 screwdrivers; PH0; SL2.4; SL3.0 - PH2x100 screwdrivers; SL6x100mm - socket screwdriver 6.35mm - indicator screwdriver 100-220V - pliers 6" - pliers 6" - tape measure 3m - hammer 8" - rubber chipper for hammer - bits SL3; SL3.5; SL4; SL4; SL5; SL5; SL6 ; SL6,5; SL7; S1; PH0; PH0; PH1; PH1; PH2; PH2; PH3; PH3; S2; S3 - wood fastener kit 57pcs.


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